Something For Everyone

If you strive for great taste, then Red Rock Pizza is made for you. The sweet roasted garlic, fresh Italian sausage, and 100% pure olive oil we use costs more than the powders, mystery meats, and grease the fast-food places use. We don't truck in dough that's been frozen in a warehouse for days or longer (who really knows how long) and is then thawed and topped with frozen vegetables. Now you know why their pizza is soggy.

We like to think that parents who care, won't settle for just the lowest price, but would rather know that fresh ingredients & homemade recipes are what they're eating. They'll consider the value of fresh ingredients, the benefits of great taste, and the pleasure in giving their kids something satisfying and healthy. We also know that kids may not care about such things as freshness and quality - but of course, that's what moms and dads are for. Parents can feel good about serving their family Red Rock Pizza. Order a gourmet pizza for the adults and a traditional favorite for the kids.

Kids will love the taste. You'll love the quality. And everyone's happy.


Whether you're throwing a party, having a meeting or just saying thanks for a job well done - you'll always be a big hit with Red Rock Pizza - it's everyone's favorite. You can use a company check, credit card, or set up a purchase order account. That way, you can order pizza today and pay later!

Are you a sales representative tired of no-shows, low quality, late deliveries, and just frustrated? Give us a call and eliminate your headaches. It's fresh gourmet pizza, wings, salads, and starters prepared to perfection and delivered as requested.

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Our Guarantee and Promise to You

If you should ever be disappointed, if we should fail you in any way or let you down for any reason - please let me know. If I can't make it right - I'll give you your money back - every penny.

How Big are the Pizzas?

Glad you asked! Our medium is 14" which is the typical national chain's large. Our Large is 16" what they call extra large and the Jumbo is 18". There's no comparison.

Freshness to the Extreme!!!

Homemade dough, homemade sauce, no frozen vegetables, the finest mozzarella cheese and hand cut meats all roasted through a high heat convection oven.  Thin Crust Perfection....

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Get your taste buds warmed up with our fabulous starters.

Fresh - NEVER frozen. Oven baked - NEVER fried.

What makes our dough so Crispy & Delicious?

Great tasting dough requires time to develop a "complex" taste. Like beer or even fine wine - time is needed so the yeast can ferment and impart "character" to the dough.

It's a symphony of delicate interaction between yeast and sugar that makes a great tasting crust.

And let's not forget about the flour. You can get cheap flour all day long. But it will never make a great crust.

Here's why. A very high protein content is absolutely required to bake a great crust. Inferior flour doesn't have the gluten needed to support the gas that causes the crust to rise during baking. Poor cell structure results in limp, often soggy pizza crust.

We use High gluten "Spring Harvest" flour. And we age our dough (called proofing) so it can develop the wonderful complex flavor that makes it taste so fantastic.